Carmel Finley on Cold War Fisheries

Bob and I are very pleased that others find these stories interesting.

The Devil of History

For the past few years I’ve been reading the Pacific Fishery History Project, environmental historian Carmel Finley’s blog. Finley’s dissertation and first book, All the Fish in the Sea, examined the influence of US strategic and economic interests on fisheries management in the early postwar years, and in particular on the international adoption of Maximum Sustained Yield (MSY) as the basis for fisheries regulation. (You can read a briefer version of her argument over at Solutions.) At her blog Finley is following-up on that story, covering – among other things – the arrival of Soviet fishing fleets in American waters and the Cold War politics that came with them.

Finley lays out the basic issues in a blog post that asks “So why were those Soviet boats fishing off Washington?

The answer, it turns out, is:

that the U.S. State Department wanted them to…

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I'm a writer and a historian of science. I'm interested in the intersection of science and policy in the oceans, and especially around fishing.
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  1. Ruth Braitheaite says:

    Carmel hey I read your posts and it so libel to have reconnected with so many old friends am following all! Anyway darling just want to tell you that my Mercury count has been sky high for years . I am now looking at water and maybe farm fed salmon sold here on the west coast . The other interesting thing is that I have never yet met anyone who knew their Mercury level not even my GP Any thoughts? Have you seen anything written The very best for Thanksgiving we have lots to be thx full for Hugs Ruth Braithwaite

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