Still another voice from Astoria in the 1930s

The cover for Lyle Anderson's brief biography of his career

The cover for Lyle Anderson’s brief biography of his career

We love it when families retrace their involvement in the fishing industry. The family of Lyle Anderson, who worked at Bioproducts in Warrenton, have been compiling information about their father’s career as a chemist making fish oils, pet food, and fish hatchery food.

The biography is short but it details the start of Bioproducts, a small Oregon company, “started on a shoestring in the Great Depression.” The company was started by Dick and Eben Carruthers. They raised money to get through school by packing salmon eggs for sports fishermen.

With the help of a Reconstruction Finance Corporation loan, they were able to lease a plan in Astoria, to make Vitamin A from fish livers.

We’ll be returning to this fascinating little stories in future blog posts.

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I'm a writer and a historian of science. I'm interested in the intersection of science and policy in the oceans, and especially around fishing.
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  1. pasturegrass says:

    ​Carmel, Thanks for the poster and the information. I am always glad to see a fly fisher using salmon eggs, it is humbling as well as accurate. If it were an actual fly fisher he would be smoking a pipe rather than the more blue collar cigarette. ​

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