The John N. Cobb to go for tuna!

cobb comming home Aug 12, 20171.jpg 027


Oregon fisherman Ron Sloan has purchased the former federal research vessel John N. Cobb and recently towed it to Winchester Bay where it will be turned into a tuna vessel.

According to Bob Hitz, the Astoria vessel Sunnfiord towed the Cobb to Winchester Bay.

cobb comming home Aug 12, 2017.jpg 034

The Sunnfjord and the Cobb at Winchester Bay

As faithful readers know, the Cobb is really the star of the blog, the wooden research vessel Birth of the Cobbin 1950 (click the link for some beautiful pictures)!

Bob and I are both very excited about this and we’ll be eager to document what happens next with this iconic West Coast research vessel. We wish the Cobb and her new owners the best!


About finleyc

I'm a writer and a historian of science. I'm interested in the intersection of science and policy in the oceans, and especially around fishing.
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