All the Boats on the Ocean (book)

All the Boats on the Ocean: How Government Subsidies Led to Global Overfishing
by Carmel Finley

Published by University of Chicago Press, Feb 2017.

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University of Chicago Author page

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February, 2015

It has been two years since I turned from a six-month fellowship at the Rachel Carson Center for the Environment and Society in Munich, Germany, where I began work on a book that I call All the Boats on the Ocean.  The book is in the final stage of writing and I’ll be signing a contract with the University of Chicago Press, which published my first book.

There has been a lot written about subsidies in fishing and how they have distorted markets and contributed to overfishing. I was curious about how the subsidies were created in the first place. A lot of them have their roots in post-war fisheries policy; this is especially true of Canada and the Soviet Union. Other subsidies, such as Japan, were created much earlier, at least back to the 1880s.

This book will continue the story I started in All the Fish in the Sea: about the social and economic context in which fishery decisions were made. Governments expanded fishing for a lot of reasons, both domestic and involving foreign policy.

Fishing is never just about catching fish; there is always another agenda.

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